about studio hrvatin

Meet your new
design team

Our easy-going and professional design team is eager to deliver a total design concept that will leave no problem unsolved. 

At the forefront of our design studio is Iva Hrvatin, a Zagreb based designer of visual communication. After ten years of engaging in specialised projects of branding, publication, packaging and spatial design, Iva has swiftly become one of the industry-leading creatives that can do it all.

We love working with clients that are confident enough to trust us with expanding their business idea and pushing it to become more than they initially planned. Going forward with unique and unusual concepts should always leave you with a nervous feeling in your stomach - if it's not, you're not pushing your business far enough to stand out from your competition.

we do:
visual identity
brand strategy
packaging design
book design
print design
spatial design
interior styling
exhibition design
retail design
web design
art direction


At Studio Hrvatin we believe in creating a multidisciplinary, collaborative relationship with our design team, clients, traders and suppliers. From briefing to design and production, every project needs a personal approach and direction, achieved only by maintaining a good, clear communication between all associates.


Working with creatives can get a little out of hands at times. At Studio Hrvatin we value delivering on what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it. How? By organizing our schedule, and coordinating it well - we never take more than we can handle! This also helps our team to strive in creativity by focusing at one big task at a time. On the other hand, in the case when we can’t deliver on a previous promise, we make sure to notify all interested parties about the delay and commit to a new deadline. This way our clients and collaborators never feel out of the loop of the design process.


The projects we take on might feel solely business-oriented from the start, but our ambition in the long run is to give them a greater sense of purpose for the community as well. By going above and beyond in rethinking and designing the whole business strategy (as opposed to only giving it a designed, polished look), we service the client as well as the local community. Breaking the mould of a traditional business experience can help make global changes on a local level.

Our studio is based in Zagreb (Croatia) but we're available for on-site collaborations worldwide. Get in touch and find out about the possibility to hire us for a project in your city.