We work with up-and-coming brands to find their voice, look their best and tell their story through design.

Find your voice

The starting point of every project is all about the brand image you want to present to the world. Our specialty is finding a clear voice for your business, even when you're not quite sure what it should be. This means that once you're ready to communicate with your audience, you will be provided with all the right means to do so.

At Studio Hrvatin we believe that setting the right tone for your target audience can help you echo your business in the community. Being certain in what your business stands for is the first step to creating a strong communication stategy and branding.

look your best

Our team prides itself in originality of thought rather than immitation. This is why we see designing and creating custom-made products as a sign of quality and dedication that everyone can recognise and value. What gets our design team most excited is creating solutions that will convey the message and look exceptional. We understand what it takes to make an ordinary pile of paper transform into an edition that will allure and delight the consumer.

tell a story

For our team, branding a business is so much more than designing a logo and having a really nice business card. We excel in total design - thinking about each and every visual aspect your business can benefit from. When one team works on aligning spatial, product and graphic design, it’s like getting the complete package! True craftsmanship shows through our attention to details - from the early stages of design process to the completion of a project. We believe in designing it all, and then some!

clients we branded