Kapa dolje!

visual identity, publication & exhibition design

Etnografski muzej u Zagrebu
(Ethnographic Museum Zagreb)
Exhibition Concept
Iva Hrvatin
Katarina Perić
mr.sc. Aida Brenko (EMZ)
Vesna Zorić (EMZ)
Mareta Kurtin (EMZ)
Graphic Design
Iva Hrvatin
Product Design
Katarina Perić
Exhibiton photography
Nikola Zelmanović

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive bilingual catalog which also communicates the concept of the exhibition. Only by scraping the silver foil on the cover does the reader discover the face and personality of the cover girl.

Using mirrors as symbols of introspection to help visitors indentify with the personal roles imposed by the traditional head coverings

The exhibition design questions the meaning of identity through headware. Exhibition displays have therefore been completely deprived of the human face physiognomy and replaced by mirrored surfaces. Using a mirror as a symbol of introspection, the visitor can seemingly try on a veil and another life role. Thus, the exhibits symbolically become persons who are defined by class, social context, sex, gender, age and/or religion.