The Boccapiena

total design project

Ice 87 d.o.o.
Project Partner
Studio Mater
(Marita Bonačić)
Creative direction & brand concept
Iva Hrvatin
Marita Bonačić
Iva Hrvatin
Marita Bonačić
Product designers
Sara Dobrijević
Lucija Matić
Andreja Lovreković
Graphic Designers
Iva Hrvatin
Tana Jeić
Architectural Associate
Mirna Petrić
Courtesy of The Boccapiena

The visual identity of the Boccapiena ice cream shop is designed as a system that evokes playful licking, nibbling and chewing delicious ice snacks. The construction of the wordmark and the way it is used throughout branding materials reflects the movement of the mouth - the letters are irregularly shaped, non-standardly arranged (not held by the same baseline) and unpredictably rotated, as though they've been tumbled in the unpredictable mechanics of chewing.

The name comes from the Italian phrase meaning "mouth full", indicating the owner's love for Italy, as well as predicting one's ice-cream enjoyment

The Boccapiena ice-cream shop is designed as a kiosk located in a city of imagination and fun. Continuing the set brand, the business space is completely subordinated to the visual communication of unburdened chewing and enjoyment of various cold desserts.

The childlike enjoyment in the senses of taste, touch and sight is visually conveyed through the concept of the amusement park, so the ice-cream hop becomes a station where the customers will invigorate their own desires for something sweet and refreshing during their walk through town.

The signature look of the Boccapiena space is completed by the round lightbulbs highlighting the architecture of the space, neon signs, colorful ribbons and terazzo coverings that help stage the feeling of a hot summer day spent at the amusement park.

The monolithic workstation acts as a stunning centerpiece popping-up in the space

The space of the shop is almost completely spatially subordinated to the impressive monolithic ice-cream bar, a "carousel" of desserts that attracts with its unusualness. The bar can function on its own in different interior situations (having in mind the franchising challenges for various spatial situations, including fairs and department store pop-ups), as it is designed as a closed, but flexible workstation.