The Emotional Healer's Journal

publication design

Art direction
Iva Hrvatin
Tana Jeić
Iva Hrvatin
Tana Jeić
Iva Hrvatin
Cerovski Print Boutique
Marija Gašparović

The Emotional Healer's Journal is designed as a personal guide in making meaningful changes within oneself by breaking the habit of reliving negative experiences or emotional states and remold unhelpful thinking patterns. Written by a certified holistic therapist and teacher, the journal takes the owner on an inner journey through 11 emotions that usually come up as daily obstacles.

The publication is primarily a tool that aims to help understand one's subconscious wants and needs, so the main goal was to design a "playground" in which one can feel safe and welcome to express their unfiltered thoughts. Designed in a minimalistic manner, the layout is left airy, flowy and unconventional, leaving plenty of room for written notes, scribbles or personal expressions of any sort to mark the pages.

Each journal starts and ends with a "This is Me" spread where one can input their current emotional state before and after finishing this emotion tracking journey. The core of the journal is a guided set of universal tasks that help track, identify and release one's emotional states in order to overcome difficult times and support one through feelings of worry, anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, anger, and others.

Each emotion chapter is depicted with a more or less dynamic line, depending on the subjective interpretation of manifested intensity of the emotion. The role of such scribbled and abstract illustration is to leave room for interpretation and motivate the reader to look within and open up  to the journal (and themselves).