Gelato Factory

interior design

Luki d.o.o.
Brand concept
Iva Hrvatin
Marita Bonačić (Studio Mater)
interior & Product design
Iva Hrvatin
Matea Bertina
Graphic design
Iva Hrvatin
Marija Gašparović
Fabijan Drnas

Five years after its opening and swift ascent, the original Peppino's Gelato shop in Dubrovnik finds itself in a redefined microsituation – the market has proved a healthy apetite for the brand's product, which has resulted in gelato-selling competitors following Peppino's steps nearby. In order to maintain its role model status, the client commissioned a spatial redesign project that will help the further development of the business, elevate the shop's product presentation and improve the overall functionality of the space.

The functional zones have been redesigned with the customers in mind. The front area now directs the flow of customers, allowing for more organized crowds during peak hours. This was achieved by creating a customized back-counter that conceals ample storage and extends along two walls of the space before merging into the stainless steel gelato display and transitioning into the cash register counter.

Two opposing walls are adorned with floor-to-ceiling white and black ceramic tiles, adding dimension, visual interest, and a sophisticated industrial look to the retail space. The white tile wall's copper rod installation and wall sign serve as a backdrop for customers' photos, while the black wall highlights the impressive gelato menu display.

The first impression of the gelato shop features an impressive copper backsplash embellished by an illuminated logo and reflecting round mirror. The existing copper lighting structure, which previously dominated the gelato shop, has been repurposed in new lighting compositions that now accentuate three distinct sections of the shop. Additional linear lights have been installed to compensate for the space's naturally low light ambiance. This helps to delineate the different areas of the shop and guide customers where to place their orders, pick up their gelato, and make payments.