Gelato Factory

total design project

Luki d.o.o.
Brand concept
Iva Hrvatin
Marita Bonačić (Studio Mater)
Spatial & Product design
Marita Bonačić
Katarina Perić
Graphic designers
Iva Hrvatin
Tana Jeić
Marita Bonačić
Iva Hrvatin
Marija Gašparović
Fabijan Drnas

Peppino's Artisanal Gelato started in 2017 as a small local business with the simple idea of serving gelato instead of ice-cream. In 2020 it opened a second location in town, which made room for the expansion of the original brand concept into a lively, ever-changing identity that adapts to every newly opened venue. Starting with the flagship store as Peppino's Gelato Factory, then followed by Peppino's Gelato Garden, the franchise is designed to always introduce a new segment of Peppino's story into the brand picture.

The brand's recognisable assets - the logo and the colourful pattern - are prompt to subtly change in appearance when applied to new Peppino's scoop shops

Named after the curious and welcoming character of Peppino – the stark tourist guide from the Croatian animated series “Professor Baltazar”, the brand was inspired by the playful aesthetic of the cartoon factory of wonders.

Designed in the style of an old-school factory, the Peppino's Gelato Factory venue (which will later on become Peppino's flagship store) features industrial elements - gray walls, classic metro ceramic tiles and plenty of packagings decorating the background of the scene. The ceiling is dominated by the impressive grid of copper pipes and lights, while the front area, although small, features two spinnable Wheels of Flavours, meant for the indecisive customer.