Autarch: The Age of Blood and Glory

board game visual identity and packaging design

Art director and designer
Iva Hrvatin
Jens Kuczwara
3D Renderings
Lorenzo Cetina
Game concept
Luka Sremić (Gameweavers)
Project manager
Una Kolar (Gameweavers)

Autarch: The Age of Blood and Glory is an asymmetric PvP arena combat miniature tabletop for 1-4 players, also playable as a skirmish, with an additional worker placement preparation phase which builds the campaign potential of the game.

With two games in one, your journey will alter between merciless arena battles, based on unique dice-less card combat, providing both a macabre and fun experience; and worker-placement phases, where you will strategize your next steps in a push-your-luck environment.

The uniquely designed icons used in the game help players quickly identify attributes, action effects and characters during gameplay.