Peppino's Finest

verbal & visual identity, packaging design

Luki d.o.o.
Creative director
Iva Hrvatin
Tana Jeić
Iva Hrvatin
Iva Hrvatin
Marija Gašparović

The name of the brand, Peppino's Finest, announces gelato flavours  that imply supreme tastebud satisfaction

Inspired by the old ways of keeping delicacies such as arancini and fruit jams in the Mediterranean - jarred and sealed, the packaging features a simple yet nostalgia-evoking design. Embracing a retro vibe in packaging design awakens memories of our grandmothers and communicates that the product is made with the best ingredient - love.

Peppino's Artisanal Gelato launched a special edition, pre-packed jar gelato in 2021 in order to widen their gelato offer. Intended primarily for consumption at partner venues such as cafes and restaurants, the main goal while designing the visual identity of the glass jar packagings was to keep the recognisable Peppino’s brand in focus. To distinguish the product from the standard gelato offer in Peppino’s scoop shops, the jar gelatos go under the name of Peppino’s Finest, signaling a hand-selected bunch of flavours that contain no artificial colouring.