Living room

visual identity and spatial design

Living room j.d.o.o.
Visual identity
Iva Hrvatin
Spatial concept and design
Katarina Perić
Marita Bonačić
Marija Gašparović
Gordan Perić

Providing cool cuts and premium hair care, it does not come as a shocker that the secret behind Living room is warm hospitality and a comfortable setting. Adapted from a former 2 bedroom apartment, the concept for the space still embodies some of the residential amenities, such as the reception and colour bar area constructed as a kitchenette, or the waiting room area characterised by a soft sitting bench (aka the living room).

The center-piece of the room is the impressive 2,5 metres long working station that sits four customers at once. Crowned by two double-sided circular mirrors fixed in the brass construction, the work station is also a bright light source for each customer and their hairstylist. General lighting is endorsed by ceiling spotlights, making thus an ideal light and shadow setting in front of the mirrors.

Underlining the cozyness of the room with toned down gray wall areas, fabric curtains and funky floor tile patterns, Living room manages to intertwine cool and exclusive in an unpretentious manner. Despite its "speakeasy" location and no walk-ins policy, the salon still handles quite a big bunch of loyal customers and hairstyle aficionados, keeping a busy schedule.